Breaking The Mold - Embark on the "What If" Journey with Eden Body Care

What if we were to reinvent the wheel? Or the toothbrush? What if we reinvented the way water flows into our homes? Most will argue, let's not reinvent the wheel. The wheel works, it turns and gets you where you need to go. But can it go, better?
So, what if we did reinvent the wheel? Just, what if...

These "what ifs" are what drives innovation, it is how we ended up with electric cars and Wi-Fi, it's the "what ifs" that allows us to advance.

What if we all stopped using the exact same ingredients (just with slight variation changes of ratios) and we all started trying different ingredient combinations, what would skin and home care turn into? Will we embark on ground breaking products that cure skin conditions and skincare that actually leaves your skin feeling amazing instead of a temporary fix?

At Eden Body Care, we've decided that we want to break the mold. It's time to reinvent the wheel, time to break the mold of using the same ingredients, creating the same products, doing the same thing but expecting different results. Our goal is to take a product, dissect it, find out how the ingredients all work together, and see if we can improve on them by using different combinations or finding completely new and unused ingredients to create a product that works better than how it's working now. 

Innovating new products will take time and will be challenging because it's just like reinventing the wheel. It will be hard, there's lots of testing involved, a lot of failure and more than anything, it will cost. A lot. But we embrace it because we want to give you the best product that we possibly can instead of what fits in the mold.

Join us as we journey our way through the "what ifs" by improving the way skincare, home products, packaging and more are done. Your support will help us dive deeper into formulating a wax combination that burns the purest and throws the cleanest fragrance in your home, or creating the perfect non-greasy body butter that holds its texture throughout the summer time.

It's the subtle changes and improvements overtime that will influence the way our future generation will do things and experience things. Join our mission, support our process so we can create cleaner, healthier, more effective products for you and your family.  

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