Your skincare is handcrafted straight from our farm

Caring for our livestock is part of our every day lives, we handle our own goats every single day and create a bond with every one of our girls.

We pride ourselves in quality ingredients, starting with our very own raw goat milk.

We include our kids in caring for our animals, teaching them responsibility and compassion.

You won’t be disappointed!
"This soap is amazing! It makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It’s smells great too! It’s so nice to know the exact ingredients going on and into my skin. Thank you Eden Body Care!"
- Chelsey C. Las Vegas, NV

Family owned and opereated

Hi! We are the Eden Body family and we are passionate about using simple and clean products in and on our bodies.

We take pride in our farm to soap process and love to help as many people as we can, encouraging them to use wholesome skincare without the added chemicals. 

Let's go back to the roots, use the cleanest and the best, most healthiest products available as our Creator intended for us.

Read our full story and meet some of our goats here.


Greetings ! I just wanted to let you know that the Eczema soap is absorbing into my skin really nice! I use it on my face and neck mostly because that's where my dry skin and dark spots are. My skin is reacting excellently! I appreciate it.


I have been wanting to try natural soap because the soap I have been using left my skin feeling filmy. After trying your soap (lavender one) I love the creamy feeling I get on my skin. The scents are so aromatic, I still smell good after a shower! My husband even switch from his tried and true zest which I think is amazing!! I also love local businesses !!


Hi there hope all is well wanted to say thank you so much. My hands have healed wonderfully and overall my skin is softer. I will be ordering more soon.


I LOVED the teatree charcoal and the charcoal for my showers! I feel like my skin is the happiest it's ever been! 


Oh my goodness hi I absolutely love the soap. I use the mint for my hands and face. My hands that were cracking at my knuckles are healed and so soft
I use the clay bar when I am in the tub I love them both
My partner also is using his man soap and he really likes it. I also loved how you packaged your product and the card from momma goat. I look forward to future goat soaps for me and my family


My husband has been using the goat milk, oatmeal & honey soap for his eczema and it is much better! Thank you!!


So far I love how they make my skin feel after the shower


Girlllll!!! My skin is butter soft!!!


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