Discover the power of Nigerian Dwarf goat's milk to help your skin feel alive again.

Transform your dry, irritated skin with the nourishing benefits of our artisanal soaps. Made with 100% farm-fresh Nigerian Dwarf goat's milk straight from our homestead, our soaps provide a rich source of AHAs, anti-inflammatory properties and moisturization.
Don't settle for chemical-laden products from the grocery store - experience the difference in our high-quality goat milk soaps.

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The Magic of 100% Full Fat Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Soap

Our soaps are crafted with 100% Nigerian Dwarf goat milk right from our homestead which ranks the highest in butterfat and loaded with vitamins and minerals to nourish, hydrate and works with your skin's natural pH to gently cleanse and moisturize.

Why it works

Farm Fresh Nigerian Dwarf Goat's milk is rich in lactic acid, which helps remove dead skin cells and reduce skin irritation and inflammation associated with eczema.

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As parents who struggled to find solutions for our child's eczema and one who personally suffers from sensitive skin and rashes, we want to share with you the solution that transformed our skin - Fresh Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Soap.

"From the very first use of your soap I could feel and see a difference in my skin" - Gail P.

  • Farm Fresh Goat's Milk

    We hand milk our girls daily at our homestead to get the freshest milk for your soaps. Freshness is our #1 priority to lock in all the amazing nutrients and benefits the milk has to offer.

  • Fat = Moisturization

    Our Nigerian Dwarf girls produce Goat's milk containing the highest butterfat content of all dairy goats. The more fat, the more moisturization.

  • Full Fat Goat Milk Soap

    No water dilution, pure 100% Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Soap. This is not your typical soap that dries your skin, but a bar of full fat goat's milk soap that will nourish and hydrate your skin.

  • From the homestead to you

    Passionately handcrafted straight from our homestead in Nevada to you, it's a true farm to soap experience. We want you to enjoy every bit of love and care, it's not just soap for us. This is our lifestyle.

We've been there. We've had skin issues too.

We started this skincare journey out of the lack of quality skincare products that helped our own skin conditions. Our oldest son had itchy eczema all over his body with rashes that appeared out of no where, my husband had extremely sensitive and dry skin and I had these rashes on my hips that were awful to touch. Naturally, just like anyone would do, we tried Googling products to help our issues. We did our research and tried different products on the market as well as natural soaps to help relieve these conditions, but that didn’t help us, in fact, it made them worse in some cases. It got to the point where we decided to solve the problem ourselves.

We didn't even know we could make soaps from our Nigerian Dwarf Goats' milk at first, but little to our surprise, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat's Milk was the secret sauce. The solution to our woes were right under our noses. We came upon Goat's Milk Soap and since then we formulated a Goat Milk Soap that solved all our issues.

Simple, clean ingredients, and rich Goat's Milk helped us.
Let us help you with the skin issues you or your child has too.

The Eden Body Family

We are the passionate innovators & handcrafters at the Eden Body Headquarters. We are also homesteaders, desert gardeners and we've recently converted to a whole food plant based diet.
We believe it's time to break the mold of using the same ingredients, creating the same products, doing the same thing but expecting different results. Our goal is to take products, dissect it, find out how the ingredients all work together, and see if we can improve on them. Let's reinvent the wheel.

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"The oatmeal and honey milk soap is amazing. This soap is the only one I
found in over 40 years that does not leave a rough film when you used to wash
my face. It is so nice be able to wash my face with soap once again. I love
this product."

Stanley M.

Old school soap - Elevated

On average, each household uses a bar of soap a week at their kitchen sink. But did you know that the average soap produced by big name companies aren't actually classified as "Soap", but a "detergent" according to the FDA?

For years, "soap makers" have been cutting manufacturing costs by substituting cheaper synthetic chemicals to replace higher quality, more expensive, natural ingredients.

Instead of following that path, we went back to the old ways of making soap.
We took the old school cold process method of real soap making, and elevated it by bringing unique fragrances and one of a kind designs. Not only do our soaps look gorgeous, they lather up to cleanse you without leaving your skin dry.

Want to know what the difference is between real soap and a bottle of body wash you you may have in your shower? Learn about the Body Wash Deception below.

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  • Artisan handcrafted soap and natural skincare company

    Handcrafted Bar Soaps

    - Artisanal Goat Milk and Vegan Soaps
    - Boldly aromatic
    - Proprietary fragrance blends
    - Paraben, phthalate, sulfate free
    - Eco-friendly labelling

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    Men's Products

    - Handsome scents for Men
    - Goat Milk and Vegan Soaps
    - Beard Oils created by a full bearded man for another bearded friend

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    Body Butters and Moisturizers

    - Non-greasy formula
    - Unique oil blend
    - Effective and nourishing
    - Moisturization for every season

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  • ecofriendly lip balms

    Eco-friendly Balms

    - Plastic free, eco-friendly packaging
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    - Unique and effective ingredient blends

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  • Do you really milk your own goats for soap?

    Ah, the question of the century. Yes! We have adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats, we milk them daily for Goat Milk Soaps as well as for our family to use.
    We share videos and pictures of our goats and lifestyle on our Instagram page @edenbodycare

  • Is it safe for babies?

    Absolutely, we recommend our Oatmeal and Honey Goat Milk Soap for any baby with eczema prone skin.

    Our Oatmeal and Honey Goat Milk Soaps are gentle, moisturizing and left unscented to suit the most dry and sensitive skin types.

    Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any nuts or seeds, please keep in mind we use premium oils and butters from nuts and seeds to make all our products. Please try every product on a patch of skin as a test before fully commiting.

  • How is this soap better than normal soap you get from any store?

    Most soaps you will find in the store is made with water. As you know, water dilutes everything. We use 100% Nigerian Dwarf Goat's Milk in our goat milk soaps which makes each bar filled with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

  • Does the soap make bubbles or sud up?

    Absolutely! Without suds or bubbles, a bar of soap is not true soap. Our soaps have amazing lather power and will make bubbles to effectively cleanse you.

  • I am lactose intolerant, can I still use your goat milk soaps?

    In general, yes you can. Goat's milk enzymes in the soap do not enter your intestinal tract.
    However, we suggest you try it on a small patch of skin. We include more information in our blog named "Goat Milk Soap Benefits."

  • Will the soap wash germs off my hands?

    Germs and viruses are like tiny grease balls. When you mix soap with water together it causes these soap molecules to start emulsifying and mixing with the oils, then it starts pulling things apart. This is how soap works! We go into more details in our blog named "Wash your hands to fight viruses"

  • What's the best way to store your soaps?

    We personally use soap dishes with holes in them so the bar of soap can drain off after use. We suggest after lathering up with a bar of soap, that you rinse it off and store them on something away from water. That way your bar of soap will last longer.
    For more information, check out our blog post "How to store bar soap"

  • Will my bar of soap look exactly like the photos?

    Each and every bar of soap and product is handmade by yours truly. Every bar will come out slightly different, with different swirls in different places. This is our signature of handmade. We do not guarantee every bar will look like a replica of the photos, but will be very close.

Have more questions?

Contact us directly via email, we are always available to help.

Allergies? If you are allergic to any nuts or seeds, please keep in mind we use premium oils and butters from nuts and seeds to make all our products. Please try every product on a patch of skin as a test before fully commiting.


Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any nuts or seeds, please keep in mind we use premium oils and butters from nuts and seeds to make all our products. Please try every product on a patch of skin as a test before fully commiting.