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Hello, we are the Eden Body Family, the innovators behind Eden Body Care.

Everyone has an interesting story behind who they are, how they became and their incredible journey along the way. We would like to share with you our love story and our journey on how Eden Body Care came to be to help you get to know us better as the makers behind your products. 

Hi there! I'm Rosa, the Mama of the family. My husband Trey and I first found each other over a decade ago on a popular online game called World of Warcraft where I was physically located in Taiwan and he was in Las Vegas, NV. We ended up starting an online relationship; we would game at wee hours of the night, trying to spend as much time as we could together despite the time difference and his regular work hours. We would literally game all night at times and fall asleep with our headphones on with each other on Skype's video chat!

I ended up going to school in Switzerland for Hotel Management and my friend had invited me to Germany for spring break. I invited my future husband at the time to meet me there and he agreed. He gathered all the money he had, got his very first passport, left the United States for the first time, flew to Hamburg, Germany and met me in person for the very first time. 

After spring break, I went back to Switzerland and applied for an internship in New Hampshire to finish off the school year, just to be closer to him. During that time I traveled to Vegas to see him again and we both fell head over heels for each other.

The day before I had to leave, he asked if I wanted to go get married that very day and I agreed, so we went straight to Downtown Vegas, got our marriage license and got eloped in a small courthouse that very night.

Shortly after, we bought a house and started our family in the city of Las Vegas. Trey always had the passion to grow his own food and had dreamed of having his own farm, I guess it was in his blood since his grandpa is a cattle rancher after all. We moved out to the country away from Vegas and started our humble homestead where we now raise goats, sheep, ducks and chickens, along with a few house pets including cats and frogs! We also have 2 beautiful livestock guardian dogs that help keep the coyotes away, you may have met them on our active Instagram page here @edenbodycare.

We started our fermented food journey as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with our 5th baby. Trey found out about kefir, that it helped with other people's diabetes and we started introducing it to our bodies a little at a time. Little did we know, this would cure my gestational diabetes and stabilized my numbers no matter what I ate, we even tested it to make sure it was nothing but the kefir that helped. It was amazing and we were sold. The nutritionist at the time couldn't figure out how my numbers stabilized and that was the start of our fermentation journey.

We've always loved natural, holistic, clean living so we started making our own kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. We also got tired of buying junk/toxic soap from commercial stores and decided it was time to incorporate better skincare in our lives so we started to make our own soap. Our goat milk soaps made from the freshest raw goat's milk from our very own herd of goats brought total relief to our son's eczema, my rash issues and helped Trey with his dry, sensitive skin so much that we never went back to regular soap again. 

Hence forth, Eden Body Care was established in hopes of providing everyone with quality body care products that were made without chemicals, soaps that were clean and effective. Our goat milk soaps will always be our signature products, and since then we've discovered ingredients to create the best non-greasy body butters, nourishing eco friendly lip balms and even paw balms! All products we make are tested on our "animals" a.k.a. our kiddos and ourselves and are always 100% cruelty free and toxic free. We will never give you a product we don't feel 100% confident in using ourselves.

We believe in breaking the mold and improving on skincare and home products and will continue to bring the cleanest and most effective products for you and your family. 

Come say hi to some of our goats who produce the milk used in our signature goat milk soaps that we make for you!

At the Eden Body Care homestead, we tend to all our livestock every single day with the help of our kiddos who help feed them. We milk them daily to harvest that fresh liquid gold that feeds our family as well as goes into your goat milk soaps. For more behind the scenes and cute goat action, join our Instagram community!

 Zoey is a Nigerian Dwarf. She's a sweet girl that loves to be pet right behind her ears.


  This is Parfait Cookie Dough, another Nigerian Dwarf. She loves her grain and can't stand the rain   (just like all goats really!)  

This is Sadie, she's a sassy girl! She is also a Nigerian Dwarf. She loves being milked and after a good milking she does a joyful dance! She jumps and claps her feet together! 

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