Why Goat Milk Soap is good for babies

Have you heard that goat milk soap is great for baby's sensitive skin? Yes, I think we all have, but why? What is the reason goat milk products are good for the baby's skin? Today we will see what the benefits of goat milk soaps are for babies.

Here are some benefits of goat milk in skin care products:

  • Handmade goat milk soaps and skincare products can reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions because it does not contain additives like alcohol, petroleum, and preservatives. 
  • Natural nutrients found in goat milk can help to reduce itchiness, redness, and inflammation in the skin.
  • Goat milk is high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins that can help nourish baby's skin, leaving skin feeling soft and supple just like a baby's bum should feel!

Some also mention that Goat milk has similar pH levels to human skin. If the pH level is too low (acidic) in a skincare product then the baby's skin is more susceptible to diaper rash and even eczema. If the pH of the skincare product is too high (alkaline) it can cause baby acne. 

Using goat milk skincare can also help balance pH levels and neutralize pH levels of the skin surface to prevent any issues for babies. Goat milk soap tend to be more gentle because of the pH levels matching closer to human skin, making it gentler for baby's skin.

We suggest you try these products for your baby's sensitive skin:

Unscented goat milk soap
Oatmeal & Honey Cocoa Butter Soap

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