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Prosecco Sunrise Goat Milk Soap

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Indulge in Prosecco Sunrise, a soap inspired by a Saturday morning on the Italian Amalfi coast, where the golden sun illuminates the sky and the scent of ripe mandarins and oranges mingles with a crisp ocean breeze. This luxurious soap embodies the essence of sipping effervescent prosecco on a terrace overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, whisking you away to a world of invigorating scents and sensations with every use. Treat yourself to this daily celebration and embrace life's beautiful moments with Prosecco Sunrise.

Prosecco Sunrise, is a handcrafted goat milk soap that captures the essence of a vibrant morning with its exhilarating scent and invigorating feel on your skin. Immerse yourself in a luxurious, creamy lather that transports you to a world of refreshing citrus and effervescent bubbles.

Why you'll love this bar:

  • Prosecco Sunrise pampers your skin while providing a gentle yet effective cleanse.
  • Its scintillating fragrance, reminiscent of sparkling champagne, mandarins, and oranges, awakens your senses and sets a lively mood for the day.
  • Infused with nourishing oils, this soap leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and revitalized during Spring/Summer months
  • It's the perfect pick-me-up for a fresh and invigorating start to your day.

This listing is for 1 bar - Each bar of our handmade soap weighs approximately 4.0oz+ and measures 3.5" x 3" x 1". The soap is cured for 6 to 8 weeks to produce a harder, longer-lasting bar for you. Our goat milk soap is 100% handcrafted, trimmed, and labeled, and is available in very limited stock, making it a truly unique product.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive oil, coconut oil, fresh goat milk, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, fragrance oil, mica for color

Our goat milk soap is skin safe and comes wrapped in a paper cigar band, making it easy to gift or use for personal enjoyment. The soap is long-lasting and will provide 2-3 weeks of usage depending on personal lather power and usage.

Indulge in the delicious fragrance and luxurious lather of our Goat Milk Soap today and experience the ultimate in pampering and skincare.

Customer Reviews

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Yvette M.
My Favorite

After trying several goat milk soap scents, I can honestly say that Prosecco Sunrise Goat Milk soap is my all-time favorite! There are other soap scents that I like almost as much, such as Honey Lemon, Cranberry... but Prosecco is like aromatherapy for me. Your goat milk soaps have an amazing skin healing and softening property, as well. Please continue to offer this product!