What's developing at the Eden Body Headquarters this fall 2021!

Eden Body Care body butter and lip balm
Hello Eden Body Tribe!

We are thrilled to be working on a few new projects this season! We are intricately developing an amazing, luxurious product for you, your friends and family members that we know you'll absolutely love.
While the weather is getting cooler in the upcoming months, it's the perfect season to get some luscious body butters lathered on the skin to protect your skin against harsher cold climate. You'll also want to use some natural lip balms to go with that cold weather skincare regime right 😉? We knew it! And that's what we're busy developing and testing, along with a few other surprises at the Eden Body Headquarters. 

Now some of you may know, we had Whipped Shea Body Butters last year and many of you really loved them. But we wanted to kick it up a notch this year and bring you something even more spectacular and special. As a small business, we get to find some of the finest and most unique ingredients in the world to bring to our customers instead of just using commonly available ingredients and so, we began to research and develop our new and improved whipped body butter formula. 

First, we wanted to work with the highest quality, moisturizing oils and butters so we found some of the top of the line ingredients to use as the base. Then, we researched different techniques and ingredient combinations to make a product that can withstand different climates, provide the best creamy texture, and be low on the noncomedogenic (non pore clogging) rating, yet extremely moisturizing. 

We are currently very close to getting the desired consistency and are actively testing them on our animals a.k.a our own kids and ourselves to make sure everything is perfect before we send out samples to you!

Our thoughts on the body butter

Here I am writing this post testing the cream on my face and Trey has it lathered on his arms, we've also tested it every night after taking a shower on our whole body to see roughly how much is needed to moisturize all our body parts thoroughly and here are our thoughts so far: It has a creamy, light mousse texture that does not melt right at touch so it has time for me to apply it to any part of my body before it's dripping off of my finger. As we apply the cream, it melts into the skin nicely, absorbing into the skin, leaving you feeling moisturized like you just got out the shower, but not greasy or waxy. The product is pure oils so a little goes a long way, we start with a small dab for each body part. It's even light weight enough to apply to the face, giving you the most natural glow. 

How we created our lip balms

Initially, we were set out to create an amazing goat milk lotion! However, after researching about all the preservatives needed to create a shelf stable product, and the bad bacteria that's STILL present after adding all of preservatives, there was no way we could risk giving you a goat milk lotion (more on that later). So, we ditched the lotion idea and decided to research how to make solid lotion bars/sticks without preservatives. As testing began, we applied it on our lips as well and found that it worked very well on our lips too!

These lip balms apply smoothly and stayed on all night during our testing, it doesn't wear off easily and doesn't leave your lips feeling like it needs to be reapplied many, many times. And with your help on voting what the lip balm tube material should be via Instagram, we've decided to stay true to what we stand for, and go for the ecofriendly cardboard push up tubes! These cardboard tubes are very sturdy, it won't get destroyed easily in your purse and has shown no leakage when we poured the hot lip balm base in them. It works simply by inserting your finger at the base and giving it a slight push to lift up the balm to apply. 

hand holding lip balm in black cardboard tube with a name tag, white background
We are finalizing our recipes for our newest products and wanted to give you an exclusive behind the scenes look into our recent development process, and give you a rundown on what new products to expect coming soon! Keep your eye out on your inbox to be notified when these products, along with a few others are available to you, you're going to love them all!

We'd love to hear your thoughts in our comment section, email or IG on what you're most excited about and what stood out to you about our development process!

Speak to you soon & stay clean.
-Eden Body Team-

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