What is Skinimalism? How do I become a Skinimalist?

Skinimalism Skincare
Skinimalism is on a rise in 2023 and we are all for it! We truly believe in less is more and quality over quantity in your skincare routine here at Eden Body Care and it's time to share this passion with you and tell you how your skin will thank you once you start.

What is skinimalism?

Skinimalism aka Skin Care Minimalism is exactly what it sounds like, stripping down all the fancy, shmancy 22 step skincare routine and going back to basics and only using a handful of what works. We're not just talking about skincare for your face but rather your face and the rest of your body.
But hey, if the 22 step skincare is working for you then by all means keep going. However, we truly believe when you give this a try, you won't regret it.

You see, in the age we are living in it's all about more. More night creams, more skin toners and layer on the makeup! By the end of the day, you still need to strip down and wash it all off so your skin can breathe. Just think about how much your skin carries all day while you wear all the creams/makeup and how much more time you can save by using less product too.

What are the benefits of Skinimalism?

Being a minimalist has a ton of benefits and you can surely incorporate minimalism in your skincare routine too, for example: 
Having less product helps keep your counters/drawers nice and clean and organized. You'll find that it decreases the stress because you're not always  looking for lost products.
Simplified routine, you'll know you only need 3 products for your night time skin routine and will never have to think you've forgotten something.

How do I become a Skinimalist?

Stripping down to basics is the name of the game and quality always trumps quantity. You really have to be strategic in thinking about what is most necessary in your routine and what you need specifically for your skin type. One routine or one handful of products will work for Arielle, but it will probably not be suited for Janet's skin type, so strip down and find the products you feel works best for you.

There are so many skincare products out there for you but we always recommend to go with an all natural product. We suggest you pay attention and really have a look at the ingredients in a skin cleanser/moisturizer before you grab it and assume it's "natural" because more than likely, it's not. Most all natural ingredients will be listed either in INCI names that translates to a simple core ingredient e.g. Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter is Cocoa Butter or just simply listed as the actual ingredient. They should not be a scientific 3 word name because more than likely if it is, it's probably chemically made and not natural. This process can take a little effort looking terms up but you just want to make sure you know exactly what you're putting on the largest organ of your body.

There are 2 crucial steps you'll want for your Skinimalist routine:

1. Find the perfect Cleanser: First things first, you should always start with a cleanser. Find something that is made for your skin type, for example. If you have dry/sensitive skin or live in a dry climate like us in Nevada, you'll need something that will help naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, and cleanse without stripping away all your natural oils on your skin. If you are acne prone, go for something that will help deeply cleanse/get rid of the toxins in your skin so you should find something with active ingredients such as active charcoal that will draw out and adsorb the toxins of the skin.

2. Protect your skin: Once you're done cleansing, you'll want something to protect that skin barrier from the outside world and from drying out. A lightweight oil such as argan oil or jojoba would be great for day time while you're out and about and a cream with kokum butter can definitely be a great product for night time as it deeply conditions your skin throughout the night. Again, find something that works for your skin type because you may not need a heavy, thick ingredient for your night routine but a lighter one.

Good skincare starts within - Your diet matters

With all that said, the most important part about your skincare routine is... your diet. Your diet plays a crucial part of your skin. If you're eating a bunch of foods full of toxins and bad food combinations, all the toxins will seep out from your skin causing inflammation, acne and so much more. Start with a good diet, and the cleanest diet we've come to discover is an all organic, plant based diet.

One more thing, we're sure you've heard this a million times but we're going to say it again. Hydration. Hydrate your body and skin, drink that water every single day! Here's what water can help with:

  • Keeping skin elasticity
  • Less likely to suffer from wrinkles
  • Flushing out toxins from your skin and shrink your pores, making them less likely to clog and cause acne

Drinking your water will bring out the best of your skin so you can shine and walk with confidence all day. 

So let us know, will you be a Skinimalist this year?

Skinimalist Skincare Routine

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