Ingredient Spotlight: Olive Oil

Let's give a round of applause to the star ingredients in all our soaps starting with Olive Oil. We aim to educate you so you can feel even more confident in your decision to use our natural skincare products!

All our goat milk soaps are made with more than 50% olive oil, it is the very first ingredient listed on our labels. 
It comes from the Olea Europaea tree cultivated in many Mediterranean countries. We use olive oil pomace which is extracted from the olive residue and is one of the most nourishing oils on the market. 

Here are 3 top benefits you should know about Olive Oil:

1. It nourishes and rejuvenates you by holding moisture onto your skin with a protective barrier. 
2. It doesn't have a strong olive scent, helping any fragrances we use stand out.
3. It has the most unsaponifiables, meaning it has more fat content left from not becoming soap, therefore it adds more left over oils in the finished product in your soap. It results in a rich and creamy bar for your enjoyment.

Stay Clean 
-Eden Body Care Team

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