How to store bar soap?

How to store bar soap

You just received your box from Eden Body Care and we know how excited you are to smell and use them ALL! But, really, are you going to use them all at once? Didn't think so. So let's talk about how and where to store your gorgeous soaps!

We've been receiving some questions about storing soaps and what are the best ways to do so without damaging them or risk losing their fragrances. It's actually very simple so let's dive into it.

1. First thing's first, when you receive your lovely box of soaps from Eden Body Care, open it and take in all the smells! It's a whole experience and we love when you share your unboxing with social media!

2. Next, prepare a clean, dry enclosed space such as your bathroom mirror cabinet, or a drawer you allocated for your soaps. Keeping your soaps in an enclosed space helps retain the fragrance in each bar of soap.
You may also put them in these beautiful decorative glass jars and keep them on top of your bathroom countertops. 

Another option would be stackable organization bins. We love this option because it saves on space, it's inexpensive and they're transparent so your whole stash is visible and ready for you to pick from. You can then stack these bins in a linen closet, your pantry or anywhere you would like. Here are some examples:

3. Unbox your #EBCStash and simply line them up or stack them as you please. Keep them away from any wet or damp areas, that way you won't damage any of your goat milk soaps.

4. When you're ready to use them, display your beautiful artisan soaps on wooden racks or soap dishes with drainage holes in them to keep them as dry as possible between uses. We carry some wooden soap racks that drain soaps very well, you can add a porcelain dish on the bottom to catch any drips. These are available in dark or light wood on our website - link for them here
Eden Body Care soaps look lovely displayed by your kitchen sink or in your guest bathrooms!

Eden Body Care Tea Tree Charcoal Goat Milk Soap

5. When using your soaps in the shower or bath, we recommend keeping them as dry as possible between uses. We like to use a shower caddy that sits on top of your shower head that has baskets like the one below. 

After using your bar of soap, gently rinse the remaining suds and place them in your caddy or a soap jacket to drain as much as possible between uses. 
There are also soap dishes that fit in the corners of a shower for space saving soap storage.

6. When you're down to your last little piece of soap, don't throw them away! Pop them into one of these soap jackets with a few other pieces you've collected and lather them until there is no more soap to get the most out of them.
You can shop for soap jackets here. You can even fit a full sized bar from Eden Body Care for a great lathering tool as well as storage for your soap. 

We hope this was helpful for you, please let us know how you store your soaps! We would love to learn new and innovative ways to store them and we can't wait to hear from you!

Stay clean, simply and naturally.
-Eden Body Team

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