Gifting Ideas that are healthier and safer for you and the environment!

We are approaching gifting season with racecar speed, everyone is thinking about what to get their loved ones this year. But have you also thought about the impacts that some of these simple gifts can do to their health or the environment? Probably not.

We’re at the stage in time where our planet is hurting from small decisions we make as consumers, it’s a big deal even if you don’t realize or care about it, and the results of us not caring enough is impacting you more than you think. It’s really time to get on the right train track and move towards a better goal in unison.

You can make an impact from your gifting decisions this year! Join us in making the right decisions this year and the next years forward in picking out not only the best gifts but also, gifts that have better impact on health and better purpose. 

Here are a few improvements you can look into as you think about what to gift your friends and family:

1. You're looking to gift skincare to your sister - Don’t reach for that plastic bottle of Cinnamon Apple body wash, paired with another plastic bottle of Cashmere scented lotion full of preservatives. Instead, find a soap that smells of Cinnamon Apples, and a whipped body butter that has no preservatives and way healthier for your skin. 

Here's our newest seasonal A La Mode Goat Milk Soap

2. You're gifting candles to your brother - Don't reach for candle made with chemicals. Go for the smaller companies who hand pours each and every candle into recycled glass jars, using better wax choices such as coconut wax that burns clean.

3. You're looking for a new construction toys for your baby nephew - Don't reach for that big plastic truck or plastic cars. Instead go for the cutest wooden toys that stimulate their creativity, you can find these wooden sets all over the internet and they will last way longer and is way better for the environment.
An example of a cute truck set  here:

4. You're looking to get a brand new cookware set for your Master Chef Dad - Don't reach for those cheap spatula sets and non-stick pans. Instead, find high quality wooden spoons and spatulas and opt for a good quality cast iron skillet that will last a lifetime and is way healthier for you when you cook on them as they don't emit toxic chemicals from the non-stick material.

5. Wrapping and Shipping - Instead of wrapping your presents in plastic bubble wrap, try packaging with decorative paper and using packing paper to protect your gift. Seal your boxes with a kiss and some ecofriendly tape that uses water to activate it's sealing power instead.

There are so many options out there, we hope you find this post helpful and really encourages you to start gifting with purpose and values. Be aware of what you're gifting this season and don't forget to shop from your favorite small businesses this season, especially those who care for our home.

Happy Gifting!
Eden Body Team

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