Unique summer fragrance notes you need to smell your best this season

Have you planned out your summer wardrobe or better yet, your summer signature scent? The summer season undoubtedly brings in tropical vibes and you're going to want to smell your best and feel amazing strutting into work, inspiring others to smell just like you.

Here are our top scent profiles (with a few interesting and unique ones) you need to include in your summer signature fragrance to smell the best for the season!

1. Coconuts
This creamy fragrance instantly takes you to the tropics. Imagine laying on a beach chair, the warmth of the sun shining gently on your glistening skin with a fresh coconut opened by your personal seaside service. The coconut juice is so incredibly refreshing and the slight taste of coconut dances on your taste buds, you can definitely go a bit nuts for coconuts this year.

2. Mangoes
This sweet, tangy and juicy fruit from a tropical tree is one of the fruits that symbolizes summer! This fragrance reminds you of how this sweet fruit will burst into juice as soon as you take a bite, and the aroma of fresh mango lingers just a little. Wouldn't you want to be the juicy center of attention?

3. Pineapples
Pineapple can be a fun addition to your scent profile and will transform you into vacation mode right away. Pineapple scents can be a unique scent for some, it can also add the cherry on top if mixed with notes of coconut and mandarin. We suggest a slight pineapple scent as to not overpower your every day unique scent of... you.

4. Sea Salt
Imagine that slight tinge of salt you smell when you're walking down a sandy beach with winds blowing in your hair as you look beyond the reef. A sea salt fragrance can be so great to have mixed with a touch of coconut and florals, you'll be wearing the most unique summer scent that will have everyone wondering what you've got on.

5. Amber and Cedar
These fragrances resemble the wood notes you would find walking along the beach, the abandoned logs of fallen branches mixed with the saltiness of the sea is what you'll smell. An amazing masculine scent profile that not only blends nicely with tropical scents but can elevate your average tropical scents as well. 

6. Fresh clean ozone
The fresh scent of ozone resembles anything cool and breezy, it's got the summer clothing line vibes, freshly washed linens sun drying in your backyard as the sun shines on them. Ozone is also described as clean cut grass with drops of dew on top, blended with woody tones of cedar would make an amazing distinct summery scent.

7. Smoke and camp fire

There's something rustic and adventurous about smelling of smoke. For those of you who are huge fans of camping outdoors, this scent can be your new favorite. It's musky, woody and full of summer camp ground vibes, wear this scent blended with evergreen notes, you'll be ready to take your family on a summer adventure in the woods.

Spring into summer with these top notes in your shower routine, body spritz or an aftershave and you will turn heads anywhere you go.

Get inspired and get ready to shop our newest summer collection coming very soon!

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