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Eden Body Care was founded with a health conscious mind, as a family we've been on a healthy lifestyle journey for a while now which resulted into launching our skincare business in 2020. We are passionate about sustainable living, being as ecofriendly as possible with our home and business, and have a thriving homestead where we grow our own food and teach our children to do the same.

Our family loves the holistic approach to medicine and self-care, we see the true benefits and understand how powerful natural foods and herbs can be for healing all sorts of ailments and common health issues. Yes, you should definitely use toxic-free skincare, soaps, body butters, but if you're internal health is lacking, you're always getting acne, you can't seem to lose or gain weight, there's nothing a bar of soap can do to help.

You see, your health and your family's health is the most important thing. We know how hard it is when you have someone sick or someone with a chronic condition in the family because we've experienced the same (and still are going through it). The challenges that not only the person sick is facing, but also the challenges affecting family members around that person. 

Our current health care system is not what you think, and the food system is even worse. Do you really think the food being sold on the grocery store shelves, even the "healthier" options are good for you? Think again. And sorry to say, that pill you're taking for your high blood pressure is doing nothing but patching you up temporarily. It's time to really give your body the real break it needs to heal and regenerate.

We want to share with you the knowledge we've learned along the way in eating right, choosing certain types of foods to incorporate in your life, herbal alternatives, recipes and so much more top tips so you can be informed and make small changes that will benefit you and your family. 

Additionally, we plan to gradually improve our products to include natural herbs that are truly beneficial as well as get rid of some of the not-so-beneficial ingredients we currently use. Eden Body Care will be stepping in the direction to include internal healing, but not forgetting skin health as well and we hope you join us along this journey and make healthier, informed choices for you and your family.

As always, cheers to better health and to a better you. 
-Trey & Rosa

Trey and Rosa Eden Body Care

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