Are all goat milk soaps different? Yes.

Nigerian Dwarf goats milk has the highest butterfat content
Not all goat milk soaps are made equal. Here's why.

The art of goat milk soap making is truly an art, it's more complex than making soap with water because there are many steps to ensure a good quality goat milk soap. For one, you have to make sure you don't scorch the milk during the sodium hydroxide process which takes time and patience. And quite honestly, many people don't have both of those traits nowadays.

Because of this, many goat milk soap makers use powdered milk, use water or they raise goats that produce a higher quantity of milk to make more soap. Some even use a melt and pour goat milk soap base that is commercially made and mark it as "Handcrafted".

At Eden Body Care we only use 100% milk from our Nigerian Dwarf goats because we care about the quality of milk that goes into soaps. We've taken the time to master the art and produce a soap that does not compromise the quality of the end result, making a soap with high moisturization properties.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a specialty breed of goat we raise that are small in size and produce the highest quality milk with the highest butterfat content out of all dairy goats, their milk fat comes in at 6-10% which can be double the amount of fat in some cases. This high butterfat content makes our goat milk soaps something special, because more fat equals more moisturization. The milk also has a superior lipoprotein make up, enhancing the ability to restore your skin.

On top of this, we also use a process called superfatting which is when you use an excess amount of fats that are unsaponifiable (cannot become soap) because there is an abundance of fat the sodium hydroxide cannot consume. You then end up with a bar of soap that is super hydrating.

Goat's milk has the power to restore your skin, it is high in vitamins, minerals and proteins that nourishes your skin. The skin loving nutrients in goat milk is what helps restore your dry and cracked skin. Goat milk is perfect for anyone who wants clean skin without disrupting their acid mantle or natural microbiome. Your acid mantle is a thin film on the surface of your skin that acts as a shield to bacteria and other viral substances. The lactic acids and moisturizing fatty acids found in this sleeper ingredient work together to make it an excellent choice for those with dry and cracked skin.

Goat milk soap is the best choice for people with sensitive skin as goat milk soaps are pH balanced and will not strip your skin of its natural oils like some harsh soaps can.

We pride ourselves in producing a high quality soap that we know is made with the best goat milk possible. We were victims of bad skincare before and because of that, we want to give you a product that can actually make a difference. We love hearing from our customers how much we have helped them and it brings so much joy to our hearts.

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