3 Tips On Making The Switch To Natural Skincare And Why You Need To


Today we are going to be talking about 3 quick tips to making the switch from commercial mass-produced skincare products to natural products. Making the switch can be really daunting especially when you've been using certain types of products or brands every day for years and years.

We've experienced the same thing as well until I was done with my kids' eczema, and our family's overall experience with rashes, breakouts, and skin conditions. That's when I said alright, let's try something new.

Let's get into it, 3 tips on making the switch to natural skincare!

Tip #1 - WAKE UP
Be aware of the ingredients in your products. Look at the back of the bottles of your "body wash", and I say body wash because these companies can't technically call their products soap. Once you start seeing the ingredients in your skincare, you'll start to wonder why all these chemicals and alcohol are put in something just as simple as a body wash.

You might not feel strongly about it yet, but hopefully, it'll start to get your wheels churning. It's the same thing as putting chemicals into your body as food! Your skin is the largest organ in your body with an area of about 20 feet. Imagine slathering yourself with these body washes and lotions every day, twice a day, your skin absorbs all of those toxins and ingredients you can't pronounce and you wonder why you break out, your skin feels irritated, dry and all of the above.  

You might also be thinking, "I love how my body washes/lotion smells though!" but guess what, natural products can smell just as good if not better because we use essential oils or fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben-free so it's better for your skin in the long run.

Start the change with 1 thing at a time. It can be soap, it can be hand cream, any one thing you choose and commit to trying it for about a month to really give it a chance to work and see how it makes you feel. Find skincare that has a limited amount of ingredients as well and try to stay away from anything with alcohol, it can seriously dry out your skin and you don't need it on you.


Educate yourself, there are so many great articles on how natural skincare can help improve your skin conditions, eczema, and more. Join communities on Facebook, Instagram to find like-minded people that are trying to make a switch for the better as well. Bring your whole family along on your journey! You're not alone in this and it can really help encourage and educate you. 

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