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Woodlands Goat Milk Soap

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You're wrapped up in a cozy, wooly cashmere blanket as you park a cup of your herbal tea on the dark chocolate wooden table by the front porch. You take a seat, sip your warm drink in this foggy, chilly morning, taking in the fragrant, eerie woodlands that you've built a little paradise in. You smell the strong lemony, woody fir fragrance as you surround yourself by the marvel trees, cuddled in your soft, luxurious cashmere blanket.

You'll love this fragrance if you love the smell of pine, juniper and woody balsam, warm amber and musk.

Fragrance Notes: Cypress trees, zesty lemon peel, evergreen and cedar,

Ingredients: Saponified Olive oil, coconut oil, fresh goat milk, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, fragrance oil, mica

Category of product: Unique, seasonal, very limited stock 
Specific dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x 1"
Weight approx 4.5oz +
Listing is for 1 bar of soap, wrapped in a paper cigar band. Boxes are exclusive to retail stores
All fragrances used in fragrance oil soaps are 100% skin safe 
Each bar of soap will last approx. 2-3 weeks depending on personal usage and lather power. Our soaps are cured a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to produce a harder, longer lasting bar for you! 
Every goat milk soap and handmade natural skincare product listed is 100% handcrafted, trimmed and labelled 


Customer Reviews

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Kim M.

The Woodland soap-The touch is like pure velvet on the skin. The scent is reinvigorating yet claiming. We have new family favorite in our home.