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Toasty Cider Vegan Soap

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Grab a nice warm mug of cider, and sit at your fireplace with a cozy blanket!
Toasty Cider Vegan soap is made using a coconut milk base, lightly scented with a sweet apple fragrance top notes followed with a touch of clove and amber in the background. 

Ingredients: Blend of oils and butters, sodium hydroxide, organic coconut milk, fragrance oil, sweet almond oil, activated charcoal, mica

Activated charcoal is gentle for all skin types but has the ability to deeply cleanse your skin as it is super porous in structure and attracts all the impurities of your skin. It is also great at absorbing oils and dirt from your pores leaving your skin feeling balanced. It also has many antibacterial/antifungal properties making it a very treasured ingredient in skincare.

To read our full article on the benefits of charcoal please click here.

Skin safe fragrance used in soap
Category of product: Seasonal, unique
Dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x 1"
Weight approx 4.5oz +
Each bar of soap will last approx. 2-3 weeks depending on personal usage and lather power. Our soaps are cured a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to produce a harder, longer lasting bar for you!

Customer Reviews

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Maureen K.
Soothing and Cozy

Toasty Cider is yet another wonderful scent from Eden Body Care! It’s soothing and cozy…and of course, the soap itself is so silky and creamy, yet rinses clean! I always look forward to what scent they will release next!

Thank you so much for your review, we are so glad you enjoyed this seasonal scent!